Chef Tyler Hefford-Anderson is a man with a meal plan. Not only

Chef Tyler Hefford-Anderson is a man with a meal plan. Not only does this seasoned veteran oversee the lavish menu at the fine dining room at Salish Lodge, he also puts together the fare at The Attic, the casual cafe and watering hole. Along with a chicken salad tossed with Cap’n Crunch (WTH?), this pasta is on that menu, a bright little burst of spring, which will be here soon, right? Read part one and part two of this week’s Grillaxin for more.Spring Pea and Lemon Cream Pasta4½ cups heavy cream1 lemon, zested1 shallot, minced1 thyme stem1 parsley stem1 garlic clove, minced1 cup English peas4½ cups cooked Trofie pasta 1/3 cup baby carrots1/3 cup fresh peas, blanched1/3 cup fresh corn1/3 cup fava beans¾ cup cipolinni onions, roasted and peeled¼ cup BoVina cheese from River Valley RanchCombine the first six ingredients in a large pot. Use a pot large enough for the cream to triple in size as it reduces. Reduce by half. Strain the mixture. Add 1 cup of the cream mixture to a blender with the peas and blend until smooth. Add the pea mixture to the rest of the cream. This is done in two stages to keep the green pea color. Whisk together and season to taste.Saute lightly all the vegetables with olive oil. Once lightly cooked, add the pea/cream mixture and cooked pasta in the pan and allow to heat up gently. Once heated, place the pasta evenly into six bowls and garnish with shaved BoVina cheese. I like this cheese as it is local too the lodge (in Fall City, Washington), and it has a nutty, almost cheddar like flavor that compliments the Trofie pasta as well as the fresh peas.Serves 6.

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