Cannabis And Winter Solstice

Numerous civilizations and spiritual traditions around the planet will celebrate this low spot in the sun’s path.

Did you know that between December 1 and 31 more than 100 holidays are celebrated around the planet? Happy holidays! And if you’re like me, around your house it’s more like holidaze! I love incorporating weed into traditional celebrations. The winter solstice, for example, marked by religions past and present, falls on Friday this year. For us in the Northern Hemisphere, we will experience the longest night and shortest day of the year. Numerous civilizations and spiritual traditions around the planet will celebrate this low spot in the sun’s path throughout the weekend and over the next six to seven weeks.

Pagans and witches call this time of year Yule and see it as the “shutting down” of Earth and the death and rebirth of the sun. Consider the outdoor-grown cannabis community. The winter grow cycle looks pretty different than the life seen in the summertime. For the most part, the Earth is cold and unfriendly and no plants grow, so they are truly living in the symbolism of this part of the year.

Many pagans celebrate the holiday by getting together with large groups of people for a tradition called wassailing, which is like caroling around a giant punchbowl of spiked apple cider and eating munchies. I’m gonna be honest, this already seems like a pretty stoner-friendly tradition. The chronic equivalent would be to bring out that excellent piece of smoking glass, the Egyptian hookah, the old-school 10-foot bong, and the weed you’re saving for a “special occasion.” Invite over some folks and host a day-long session. Throw on some old-school tunes and reconnect with your loved ones. And make sure you have something to munch on!

Some witches during this festival will also follow a custom called divination, wherein they draw on their ancestors or guides, the elements, or even the gods to inquire about the upcoming winter voyage, using oracles like runes, astrology, and tarot. Moreover, just like the Oracle at Delphi, many will inhale some intoxicating smoking blend while consulting the Fates. You can create your own using cannabis, blue lotus, mullein, and lobelia. Throw in a little peppermint or a tiny pinch of cinnamon for seasonal flavors. Just make sure your local hedgewitch is close by to advise you when the revelations hit.

For folks who follow Yoruba-land traditions, the Feast of Babalú-Ayé takes place. This Loa is committed to health and healing, especially diseases like HIV/AIDS. Now is a great time to bless your medical cannabis and tools in the name of this deity. You could also donate to a local AIDS or medical-cannabis nonprofit as an act of stony worship.

If you are bringing a Pan-Winter Holiday Arboreal into your home and you have access to trim, then dried cannabis boughs around your tree and over doorways will look and smell awesome.

And if somehow a Chrimbus/Festivus miracle occurs and it doesn’t rain every single night from now until May, we’ll be treated to a few beautiful meteor showers during December. If we get a clear night, absolutely grab some delicious prerolls, some folks you want to snuggle with under blankets, and head out somewhere to catch the show Mother Nature intended for you to see.