Blue C Sushi

There’s finally a solution to the tedious 45-minute wait to get into trendy Blue C—heed its call to “skip work and eat sushi.” From 4 to 6 p.m. every day (including weekends!), early birds enjoy happy hour above the belt, with prices that won’t hit you below it. We’re talking $1 sushi. That’s not a typo. The blue-lit upstairs bar offers blue-light specials: selected rolls (like avocado) are only $1, while a spicy tuna roll is $2.50, and perfect, clean-tasting Pacific salmon sashimi is only $3. Hot food’s reduced, too—edamame for a buck, tasty gyoza for two. All beers are $1, well drinks $3.50, and you can take $1 off sakes from the house variety ($3.50) to Katana Ginjo ($6). Killer daily cocktail specials like a robust vanilla martini are $5 instead of the usual $6 to $7.50. With sleek, modern chrome-and-leather cubes, Blue C has the style thing down pat, but it has substance, too: exceptionally high quality fish for a conveyer belt. Of course, the belt, with its color-coded dishes, is the real draw, and you can only peer down on it voyeur-style from the upstairs happy-hour space. But with the same sushi for a fraction of the price, it pays to go early. 3411 Fremont Ave N., 206-633-3411. FREMONT

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