Bloodshot Brunch

If you didn't drink enough on Friday night, head to Tini Bigs on Saturday morning.

Tini Bigs lured us with the name Bloodshot Brunch, an opportunity to get good eats with strong drinks to help soothe hangovers. The vibe, however, was slightly off on a recent Sunday morning. It felt as if the waitstaff might have been up as late as we were the previous night. That said, the food is solid and respectable, with a menu created and executed by the lauded Tom Black, formerly of Woodinville’s the Barking Frog, and the drink list offers many froufrou options. The rhubarb and blueberry crepes ($8) spilled their gooey contents under a pile of whipped cream, and the Dungeness crab cake Benedict ($12) was both sizable and well-sauced. I sipped a pomegranate wine spritzer (the Oprah, $5.50) which was refreshing, but a bit light on fruit flavor. My friend’s Jumpstart Mary ($8) showed off what Tini Bigs does best: great drinks, well presented. The Jumpstart was a Bloody Mary mixed with carrot juice instead of tomato, with a healthy dash of spicy horseradish, and an elegant pickled asparagus and carrot garnish. Bye bye, headache. ADRIANA GRANT

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