Besides the crap your mom used to feed you when you were

Besides the crap your mom used to feed you when you were a kid, there’s a lot of food that was so riddled with failure it never won the battle of the grocery aisle, let alone your lunch box. Because we’re feeling a little sentimental today, we decided to compile a list of some of the best worst food that you’ll never see at the store again, starting with…Photo by AP7. Cosmo yogurtNothing says ‘I’m a strong, sexy, sophisticated woman … who can’t think for herself’ like eating yogurt named after a lifestyle magazine known for its sex advice. Cosmo had every intention of dominating the world with this product. Sadly, it never made it overseas, lasting just 18 months after its U.K. launch in 1999. This is one yeast infection Cosmo apparently didn’t know how to cure. Photo by Gerber6. Gerber Singles (a.k.a. adult baby food) As if eating baby food wasn’t pathetic enough, Gerber had to go and plaster Singles on the label? If you have self-esteem issues and hate chewing your food, then this patronizing product from 1974 would have been perfect for you. Gerber execs pulled the line of single-serving jars shortly after realizing that only dumb babies would risk ridicule for eating pureed food out of a jar. Photo by Molson Coors Brewing Co.5. Coors Sparkling WaterBottled water was all the rage in the late 1980s when this product entered the market. But consumers never warmed up to the idea, probably because this water was missing two key ingredients: yeast and barley. Photo by Frito-Lay4. Doritos 3-DWe’re not sure why these three-dimensional cone-shaped snacks aren’t around anymore. When they were introduced in 2000, they exclaimed New! on the bag, but we wonder if they were limited edition. Regardless, people want these chips back. There’s even a Facebook petition (or 10) calling for their return to the snack aisle. 3. Reddi-BaconBacon you cook in the toaster. We can’t imagine what went wrong with this 1964 dud. 2. Pepsi A.M.Just because it has copious amounts of caffeine in it, doesn’t mean people will want to drink soda first thing in the morning. Someone should have told that to the cola brainiacs who developed this product in the late 80s. There’s a reason coffee isn’t carbonated. It’s disgusting. And really hard to add cream to. Photo by NewProductWorks1. Breakfast MatesWho doesn’t like milk in their cereal? Especially milk that doesn’t have to be refrigerated? Not only was this spoon-milk-bowl package costly (more than buying cereal and milk separately), but that non-refrigeration component made it…uh, warm. Maybe that’s why Kellog’s Breakfast Mates got such an icy reception and was pulled from shelves in 1999.

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