As regular readers of Voracious have no doubt noticed, the food section’s

As regular readers of Voracious have no doubt noticed, the food section’s sustained a number of changes since the Weekly was sold earlier this year. Today, we’ve got another change to share with you: My position has been eliminated. My last day is May 31, although a stockpiled review or two may appear in print the following month.

According to editor Mark Baumgarten, “the Weekly will henceforth employ a food and drink editor who will be less focused on writing and more focused on developing and managing all of the paper’s food and drink coverage.” The editor hasn’t yet been hired, but an ad for the position will post later this week; keep an eye out if you’re interested.

Baumgarten this morning told staffers he hasn’t ruled out the possibility of running reviews in the future, but it’s still unclear who might write them.

It’s inevitable that when a critic leaves his or her post, a cry of “good riddance” goes up. Many readers will be glad to see me go. But I hope there are many more readers who’ve found reason to enjoy Voracious. Since arriving two years ago, it’s been my foremost goal to stimulate thoughtful conversation about what we eat and why we eat it. It’s impossible for me to know whether I’ve succeeded, since my anonymity keeps me from mingling with members of the culinary community, but I like to think I’ve helped introduce readers to the food producers, purveyors and consumers who make Seattle such a wonderful eating city.

Thank you.