Nobody Else but You: The Dead Girl Sasses Back

David Rousseau, a famous detective novelist, is passing through the small town of Mouthe, colloquially known as “Little Siberia” for its freezing climate, when inspiration strikes. The body of local celebrity Candice Lecoeur (the cherubic, bleached-blonde Sophie Quinton), a cheese spokesmodel and TV weatherwoman, is found buried in the snow with a bottle of pills in hand, her lifeless face looking as blue and waxy as Twin Peaks‘ Laura Palmer’s. The police rule her death a suicide, but to Rousseau it’s an unsolved mystery—and thus ripe for crime-novel treatment. Rousseau, played by the likably dry-witted Jean-Paul Rouve, begins his own side investigation. Aided by a young local cop, he sneaks into the morgue to see the body and tracks down her psychologist—who tells him that Candice believed she was the reincarnation of Marilyn Monroe. But it’s only when Rousseau breaks into Candice’s apartment and reads her diaries that the seamy underworld of her life is revealed—a jealous, abusive ex-husband, obsessive fans, date-rape drugs, affairs with politicians. The plot and all its intrigues are not entirely original, but Nobody Else But You—called Poupoupidou when it screened at SIFF last year—can be thrilling and spooky, particularly with Candice’s voiceovers from the grave. “Even cold, I’m still the hottest gal in all Franche-Comté,” her ghost sasses.