Just Wright: Queen Latifah Takes Her Career Back to the ’90s

Another movie, not as awful as this one, might one day find better use for the easygoing vibe between Queen Latifah and Common, the stars of Just Wright, a romantic comedy (for the ladies) with basketball and cameoing NBA players in it (for the fellas). That absolutely no chemistry exists between them is the first of many flaws in a film that also demands we believe the New Jersey Nets could become Eastern Conference champions. Earthy, virtuous physical therapist and hoops fanatic Leslie Wright (Latifah) shares a house with her hyper-femme, gold-digging childhood friend Morgan (Paula Patton). The p.t. meets Net Scott McNight (Common) and develops a crush—but Rules-playing Morgan gets the All-Star’s marriage proposal. A midpoint ligament injury allows thick girls to triumph over thin ones: Leslie and Scott share cocoa bread, a quick kiss, and eventually a bed. Writer Michael Elliot distinguishes himself by putting words into Latifah’s mouth that she probably hasn’t uttered since Living Single went off the air: “I’m a Jersey girl. I gotta represent!” Though no pheromones could ever be secreted in a love triangle this square, watching Leslie and Scott’s relationship shift from platonic to romantic is as weird and wrong as watching siblings kiss each other on the mouth.