Griff the Invisible: Not-So-Adorable Defectives Fall in Love

An Australian misfits-in-love story manufactured from whole quirk, Griff the Invisible is more mannerism than movie. Griff (True Blood‘s Ryan Kwanten) is a Sydney office drone with the permanent expression of someone who has just been firmly gripped by the junk. His older brother Tim (Patrick Brammall) has moved to town to look after him, and we soon learn why: Tormented by the office bully (Toby Schmitz) by day, at night Griff fancies himself a superhero; all the cops see, however, is a nuisance in a black rubber suit. First-time feature writer/director Leon Ford contrasts nifty impressionism and blunt angles to alternate between Griff’s perspective and the considerably more pathetic figure he cuts to the rest of the world, deflating our interest in Griff’s nebulous plight and leaving the “go your own way” theme feeling forced. Super-square Tim begins dating Melody (Maeve Dermody), a stage-four Manic Pixie obsessed with particle physics and walking through walls. Once she meets Griff, of course, it’s game over, and the two adorable mental defectives fall in love. They fall on their faces, too, after testing the invisibility gear they fashion from copper wiring and lemon juice in montages set to twinkly indie pop songs.