Crazy Love: The Opposite of a Fun Couple

The less you know about Burt and Linda Pugach, the couple whose tumultuous 50-year relationship is documented here, the better. Directors Dan Klores and Fisher Stevens spend a great deal of time on the past, so much so that they ignore their film’s potential. By choosing to focus on the Pugachs’ lurid tabloid history, which includes an acid maiming, a sex scandal, and several high-profile trials, the filmmakers miss the true story: These people are still together after all the horrible things they’ve done to each other. Crazy Love only begins to ask why in its latter stages, a fundamental mistake of this otherwise fine film. It never creates an outside perspective on Burt and Linda’s relationship, making it impossible for viewers to connect emotionally with their plight. As such, the Pugachs appear an unfortunate freak show, rather than a deeply troubling pair of human beings.