DIY Grams: Young Activist

When gentrification strikes, what’s a young activist to do? DIY Grams has the answer.

Dog Tour

The best places to see dogs in Seattle.

A Sound at the Sounders

The stadium’s enthusiastic crowd was in for a surprise…

The Unshredded Gnar of the Capitol Hill Light Rail Station

A sick-nasty Eden—so close, yet so far away.

Tips From A Metro Driver On How to Ride the Bus

Keep your legs closed, for one.

A Tall Man in Seattle

Life is hard for a tall man in Seattle…

Bro Grylls

These hiking tips will help you become king of the hill.

It’s Spider Season

An important public service announcement!

DIY Grams: Gentrified Neighborhood

The OG of DIY helps a young Seattleite cope with her changing neighborhood.

Selling Out in Seattle

“I’m so over decrying how Seattle is being ruined, it’s been ruined for decades!”

The Crocodile’s 25th Year

A brief comix history of Seattle’s storied music venue.

Bro Thoughts

They are the 12th Man; they are the thinking man.

Gnartoons: The Olympic Peninsula Seagull

An ode to a noble bird.

I Moved to Georgetown

It’s not as remote or rough as people think!

The Washington State Fish War

On June 4, 1975, the Court of Appeals upheld Washington’s historic Boldt Decision. This week, 41 years later, revisit the indigenous protests that sparked it.


Amid Seattle’s homelessness crisis, it’s easy to forget its victims’ humanity.

Macklemore Follies

Poor Ben, he just can’t catch a break!

Fish & Chips: How Seattle’s Drugged-Up Effluent Is Affecting Puget Sound

Hint—it involves what goes down our toilets.

Strange Sound: The Steelheads

The baseball team you didn’t know Seattle had.