From PAX With Love

Prepare for Penny Arcade Expo’s costumed gamer legions with a very salty Parappa the Rapper.

They’re Everywhere

Even your bed isn’t safe.

A Field Guide to Late Summer in Seattle

It’s the simple things.

Eating Capitol Hill

A local comic artist takes you on a graphic culinary tour of her favorite neighborhood eats.

The Soda Machine Mystery

You never know what will happen when you put your 75¢ into Capitol Hill’s Mystery Soda Machine…

From Recession to Concession

An artist strapped for cash decides, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em— and get a web development degree.


A real life Sasquatch sighting.

What’s In the Seattle P-I Globe?

Hypotheses abound.

Lethal Force—Do All Seattle Police Officers Need It?

An Illustrated Interview with SPD Sergeant Sean Whitcomb.

The Dead Baby Downhill Turns 20

A comix history of Georgetown’s scuzzy bike-punk Bacchanalia.

Happy New Year: A True Story

An ominous start to 2016.

Horror Film

True Seattle terror.

That’s So Ravenna!

A very deep nature comic.

Celebrating the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence

For 20 years, they have spread the love across Seattle.

Sunshine Loonies

With the start of the summer season comes some odd behavior.

The Right Man

The homicidal insurance salesman and the woman who loved him.

Bargain Shopping on The Blade

A few items you can purchase while waiting for the bus.

Clucking Around in South Seattle

The life and death of the urban chicken.

Sports Comix


Crappucino: When Is it Okay to Use the Coffee Shop’s Bathroom?

A barista’s handy flow-chart for when that drip you drank is about to drip again.