5 Best CBD Oils for Pain: Overview 2022

There’s nothing more annoying than getting your day gets interrupted by a sudden tinge of pain. And to make it worse, some sorts of pain won’t just go in just a second. You find yourself in the middle of the work taking a break, and to an extent, if the pain persists, calling the day early with nothing on your agenda completed. What a defeat, indeed.

That’s why most Americans in the past years, they’ve always kept their most trusted CBD oil close. Easy to apply; fast to see the pain go away. That, with the highest quality of CBD oil, you can find. So, in this article, we collate the Top 5 best CBD oil for pain in 2022 you may purchase for you to be ready when that sudden pain comes along!

  • Mary Jane’s CBD Dispensary Full-spectrum CBD Oil 1000MG
  • Neurogan Full-spectrum CBD Oil 3000MG
  • Seabedee Extra-strength Full-Spectrum CBD Oil
  • VIIA Hemp CBD + CBN Tincture, 2000MG
  • Cornbread Hemp Whole Flower USDA-Organic CBD Oil

Why Most Checkout CBD Oils for Pain Rather Than Painkillers…

For some, a nap or the heat packs may do the job of lessening the pain. However, for most, they’d need painkillers—the side-effects-filled painkillers. It has long been shown in various studies that painkillers like ibuprofen can cause acute to serious side effects. Serious side effects include the risk of reducing the lining of your stomach and even gaining cardiovascular diseases.

CBD, or cannabidiol, has become a popular alternative for pain management nowadays because prescription painkillers—especially opioids—can be habit-forming and addicting. Pure CBD oil for pain does not have that effect. CBD is the non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in the hemp plant. It has been studied for years and has garnered a cult following because of the incredible benefits it gives to one’s health. Dare we say, all the craze for the best CBD for pain is because everything’s backed by science!

Scouring Through the Vast Choices for CBD Oils: What You Need to Know

For first-time buyers, it pays to know how different CBD oils are from one another. There should be no stone unturned. As much as possible, it would help if you familiarized yourself with the types and varieties. Every CBD manufacturer produces it in their way and even grows hemp using their traditions. So, whatever you need it for—how acute or chronic the pain you’re feeling—you will find the best CBD oil for pain relief perfect for you on our list.

CBD Oil 101: The Basics

CBD oil is one of the most bought CBD products, according to a Forbes Health Survey. It’s very versatile to use, and it’s available in different potencies and formulae. There should exist in the market the best CBD oil for pain management that could fit anyone’s routine.

CBD Oil Types

There are three types of CBD extracts used in CBD oils: full-spectrum CBD, broad-spectrum CBD, and CBD isolate.

  • Full-spectrum CBD oils contain CBD, other cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes, and THC not exceeding 0.3%.
  • Broad-spectrum CBD oils are like full-spectrum CBD but with zero to only traces of THC.
  • Lastly, CBD isolate in CBD oils is the purest form of CBD. No other mixtures.

CBD Oil Application

  • Orally–This might be one of the most delightful ways how you can get the most CBD out of CBD oils. You may choose to put drops of CBD oil when you make your sourdough bread, or you may simply add the CBD oil for pain relief in your morning coffee. This way, the earthy taste of most CBD oils is indistinguishable.
  • Sublingually–This is the most preferred way as you get the most out of CBD oil benefits for pain. Using a dropper, CBD oil is directly put under the tongue and let rest there for quite some time—most suggest holding the sublingual CBD oil for at least 60 seconds. Your mucous membranes absorb it and transport it to your bloodstream. Way faster than CBD oil edibles.
  • Topically–Note that there are CBD oils specifically used for topical application. CBD oil, as topical, is only effective in the localized area. So, if you’re feeling pain in your muscles or joints, this may be the best way, as most topicals are mixed with the perfect ingredients to soothe it. Just like any topicals, just slather enough amount on the skin spot.

Top 5 CBD Oils for Pain 2022

Brand Flavor Active Ingredient Mg per bottle Price Where to buy
MJ CBDD Citrus Full-Spectrum CBD 1000 Mg $54.99

Buy CBD Oil

Neurogan Natural



Full-Spectrum CBD 3000 Mg $24.95

Buy CBD Oil

Seabedee Vanilla


Full-Spectrum CBD +


1500 Mg $115

Buy CBD Oil

Viia Hemp Natural Full-Spectrum CBD + CBN 2000 Mg $60.00

Buy CBD Oil

Cornbread Hemp Natural Full-Spectrum CBD 750 Mg $64.99

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Pain comes in varying severities. Most of the time, it’s the muscles and joints that get affected by painful conditions. An effective and high-quality CBD oil should be able to help you ease that pain. Based on our research, these top 5 CBD oils are worthy of purchase as they gave instant effects on the users. And just to give you an overview, we’ve got our checklist—which you may also use when buying other hemp-infused products—on how we chose and shortlisted these CBD oils.

  • CBD–Of course, the CBD oils must contain enough amount of CBD for pain. Based on customer reviews and other anecdotal evidence, these CBD oils of differing CBD compositions should be perfect for pain relief. A few of the CBD oils in the top 5 also contain other minor cannabinoids, which, when combined with CBD, produce some more benefits for your health and wellness.
  • Hemp cultivation and CBD Oil manufacturing–Every CBD company has its special way of manufacturing its CBD products. Some don’t see the need for these to be highlighted, but these are vital if you want to get the highest quality CBD oil on the market. And for some who have dietary restrictions and preferences, knowing how CBD oil is made from the very start is a must.
  • Other Ingredients–Aside from other cannabinoids, other ingredients added to the CBD oil should also be noted. Most of the time, these additional ingredients are added to improve the flavoring, the consistency, and even the benefits it can give to the consumer.
  • Price–This should be a priority if you want a CBD oil you can rely on for a long time. The perfect CBD oil should fit snuggly within your budget. This also thwarts you from switching from one CBD oil to another.
  • Customer reviews–This is one of the best ways how to know if CBD oil can be trusted. Reputable CBD online stores give the users a chance to give honest feedback. Just note that each consumer is unique. What may not work for others does not mean it may not work for you. If a product has predominantly positive reviews and the company has already built its position in the industry, then might as well shortlist them?

Mary Jane’s CBD Dispensary Full-Spectrum CBD Oil 1000MG



  • Full-spectrum CBD type for entourage effects.
  • Natural, non-GMO ingredients.
  • Flavorful; no earthy taste.
  • Also, targets other health concerns aside from pain.


  • Contains THC; might not be ideal for professionals who are about to undergo drug tests in their workplace.
  • Only available in one flavor (citrus).
  • Needs more reviews on its website.

More reasons to buy MJCBD CBD Oil

The MJ Full Spectrum CBD Oil 1000MG Citrus is a must-try for the newbies as it has the lowest amount of CBD compared to the other four CBD oils on our tier list. The Mary Jane’s CBD Dispensary promises the 1000mg of CBD in the 30ml bottle will help to relieve any of your discomforts.

True to its mission, Mary Jane’s CBD Dispensary wants to offer an alternative to pharmaceutical drugs like painkillers. This is what Mary Jane’s Dispensary wants for Americans and people around the world. As one of the fastest-growing CBD companies in the US, they aim to give the best CBD oil for pain relief possible–even for those who just want to dip their toes in CBD products.

Neurogan Full-Spectrum CBD Oil 3000MG



  • Uses MCT Oil (with many health benefits) and organic flavoring.
  • Available in 3 flavors—citrus, natural hemp, and cinnamon.
  • Processed using cGMP and Kosher-certified manufacturing facilities.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee for all Neurogan orders.
  • Free shipping (if orders are over $50).
  • International shipping is available.


  • Because of the low dose of CBD, it might not have that effect on severe chronic pains.
  • Contains THC that may show up in drug tests.

More reasons to buy Neurogan CBD Oil

Neurogan CBD Oil 3000MG Full Spectrum is a perfect choice for those who want just enough CBD and also want to take advantage of its synergy with other cannabinoids and terpenes. With Neurogan’s traditional Scandinavian way of hemp cultivation and cGMP-certified manufacturing, you can ensure that every drop of CBD oil is packed with the cannabinoid goodness you need for pain management and other health concerns. The best way to enjoy CBD oil, according to the Neurogan experts, is to administer 0.5 ml of it sublingually.

Seabedee Extra-strength Full-Spectrum CBD Oil



  • Also contains other cannabinoids like CBG, CBN, and CBC.
  • Made with 100% natural ingredients.
  • Available in delectable flavors like vanilla and peppermint.
  • Money-back guarantee if the product doesn’t satisfy your needs.
  • Available in two strengths—1500mg and 3000mg.
  • Fast shipping.


  • Contains THC that professionals and newbies should be wary about.
  • Relatively pricey.

More reasons to buy Seabedee CBD Oil

Seabedee Extra Strength Full Spectrum CBD Oil is perfect for those who want not just CBD but other cannabinoid benefits. According to its lab results, the Seabedee CBD oil contains 350-600mg of CBG, CBN, and CBC. These cannabinoids and terpenes are well extracted from hemp plants that are meticulously grown on US farms. Seabedee also prides itself on its ‘condition-based’ concoctions. They offer different CBD blends perfect for what you need, including pain relief.

VIIA Hemp CBD + CBN Tincture, 2000MG



  • Full-spectrum CBD extract that produces the entourage effect.
  • Uses organically grown hemp for the CBD extract.
  • Contains CBN, aside from CBD.
  • Perfect for pain that hinders you from having a good night’s sleep.


  • With traces of THC.

More reasons to buy VIIA Hemp CBD Oil

VIIA Hemp CBD + CBN Tincture, 2000 mg Total is the CBD oil for you if you’re experiencing debilitating pains that keep you up at night. The CBN Night Drops is just one of the sophisticated offerings of VIIA Hemp. In one dosage, you may find 33mg of cannabinoids, primarily CBD and CBN. According to the VIIA Hemp team, their CBD oil gives off fast effects and will make you feel well-rested in just a few minutes. The CBN Oil is best used at night, right before you snooze to dreamland.

Cornbread Hemp Whole Flower USDA-Organic CBD Oil



  • Uses full-spectrum CBD extract.
  • Made with whole flowers of hemp only.
  • USDA-certified organic hemp cultivation.
  • No flavoring and no preservatives.
  • Uses Vegan, gluten-free ingredients.
  • Fast shipping.
  • Available in three CBD potencies.


  • Contains 2mg of THC.
  • Has an earthy taste that some would find repulsive.

More Reasons to Buy Cornbread Hemp CBD Oil

Cornbread Hemp Flower-only USDA Organic CBD Oil is our pick for the most premium CBD oil for pain. As Cornbread Hemp is very passionate about providing the highest quality of cannabis products, they only use mature hemp flowers for their CBD extracts. Aside from this, they grow their hemp in the state of Kentucky, which has presumably the most nutritious soil in the country. The Cornbread Hemp CBD oil is also a great vegan option for those who are looking to ease the pain.

Pain, pain go away: What’s the overall best CBD Oil?

It’s difficult to choose what should you purchase when there are a lot of oil choices in the market. But you should look at the abundance with positivity! Each CBD oil formula differs, as every person’s needs and preferences are unique. When deciding what to take to help you with any pain you’re feeling, it’s best to gauge what will suit you. Or better, ask a health practitioner what CBD potency you should get. Dosing highly depends on your previous cannabis exposure, health status, and body composition. The Top 5 CBD Oils on our list are worth it trying, as they’re of different CBD compositions.

Frequently Asked Questions About CBD for Pain:

When is the Best Time to Use CBD Oil for Pain?

CBD oil is most effective when used at the first sign of pain. For acute pain, CBD oil can be taken as needed, like when you have a headache or pulled muscle. For chronic pain, CBD oil can be taken on a regular basis, like twice daily or as directed by your doctor. CBD oil is non-addictive and does not interact with other medications you may be taking for pain management.

How effective is CBD Oil for pain?

CBD oil is thought to be effective for pain relief in several ways. First, it reduces inflammation, which can be a major contributor to pain. Second, it interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system, which plays a role in pain perception.

How fast does CBD Oil work for pain?

The time it takes for CBD oil to work depends on a number of factors including; the type and severity of the pain, how much oil is used, and an individual’s physiology. In general, however, it is thought that CBD oil can provide relief from pain fairly quickly.

How to determine the dosage of CBD oil for pain?

It’s important to understand that there is no one-size-fits-all dosage of CBD oil for pain. The ideal dosage will vary depending on several factors, including your weight, tolerance, and the severity of your pain. Important to keep in mind that everyone responds to CBD differently. Some people find that a low dose is all they need, while others need to take higher doses to achieve the desired effect. There’s no wrong way to take CBD oil; it’s simply a matter of finding what works best for you.

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