Best Neighborhood: Capitol Hill

The people have spoken.

You know it and we know it, Capitol Hill is still awesome. Throw a rock (do not actually throw rocks, please) and you’re bound to hit a venue, bar, restaurant, or shop with something interesting going on inside. Before 1901 the area was commonly referred to as Broadway Hill; then real-estate developer James A. Moore was all, like, “Naw, dude” and renamed it, hoping to draw a wealthier crowd capable of paying his high property costs. The locale of “Millionaire’s Avenue” and, more recently, a flood of moneyed tech workers, Capitol Hill is still, for the moment, home to a vibrant array of artists, college students, service-industry workers, entrepreneurs, and community activists, as well as any and every other type of person you could imagine.

First runner-up: West Seattle

Second runner-up: Ballard

Honorable mention: Fremont, Greenwood

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