Zach Geballe

Seven Drinker’s Predictions for 2017

It will be the year of wine, whiskey, and closings.

The Year in Drink

In 2016, some was lost and much was gained. We toast it all.

Where to Look (and Listen) to Learn About Wine

It can be done, but you need the right guide.

Must-Haves for the Home Bartender in Your Life

Give the gift of better-made drinks.

Why Is Europe Such a Cocktail Wasteland?

Yes, they like to drink over there, but there is no incentive for refined mixology.

An Ode to the Dark Side of the Bar

Brightly lit watering holes are in fashion, and it just feels so wrong.

Making Sense of Charles Smith’s $120 Million Wine Sale

What the deal says about the way that winemakers view wine drinkers and Washington state.

Snobby Somms and Another Problem With Natural Wines

Any wine that requires an expert to test it is likely not worth your time.

Try These Uncommon Food and Drink Pairings

Steak and cabernet are a given. But what if you’re in the mood for something a little different?

The Long and Wining Road

The view from the Washington Wine Road Trip.

Two Distinctive Approaches to a Truly Northwestern Single-Malt Whiskey

Copperworks and Westland distilleries have two new bottles, just in time for the chilly months.

Should Women Always Be Served First?

It’s a tradition, but is it sexist … or even really that efficient?

Is the Natural-Wines Movement a Good Thing?

It might be the way wine was meant to be, but that doesn’t mean it’s good.

Remembering Susan Kaufman

The founder of Serafina brought rustic Italian cuisine to a city that needed it, built community in a neighborhood that cherished it, and changed the lives of those who gathered at her table.

For One Seattle Mariner, Wine Is a Pastime

How a short stint on the disabled list helped land catcher Chris Iannetta on the wine list.

Looking Beyond Riesling’s Bad Rap

The Riesling Rendezvous challenges the idea that this grape is just too sweet, fruity, and unserious.

Three Ways to Add a Chill to Your Cocktail This Summer

Blend it, freeze it, or stick a popsicle in it.

The Bar Code: Wonderful Wines Await North of the Border

Once prohibitively provincial, the wines of British Columbia are waking up to a wider world.

10 Wines Perfectly Paired With Summer

Our drink columnist suggests what to drink instead of the pink.

The Bar Code: How Long Should You Wait for Your Drink?

As with everything in this life, it’s all about communication.