Victoria Ellison

Other Voices, Other Rooms

The many evocations of SAM's Picasso show.


The Fleeting, Caught

Japanese woodblock prints capture a world of threat and pleasure.


Visual Arts Review: K.O.S. at the Frye

Book pages become fields of abstraction and at-risk youth are the art stars.


Visual Arts: Deeper Than Guts

Through her own camera lens, Kiki Smith's sculptures become mythic material.

“Freeing the Figure” at SAM

Taking Jacob Lawrence out of the bounds of history.

Visual Arts: Star Systems

Childlike joy and the search for certainty at SAM.

Visual Arts Review: The Phantom Caller

Folk-art tropes jolted into the present.

Visual Arts: Rite of String

Puppets get their say at the Frye.

Visual Arts: SAM’s Americana

Masterpieces you can’t miss alongside Antiques Roadshow foofaraw.

William Kentridge: the Exhibit

Video art—political video art, even—that avoids shrillness.

Ravishing Point

An orgy of color, light, and detail exhilarates at SAAM.

Fleeting Victories

Cultures collide at the Frye—and it’s your last two weeks to see the carnage.

Mentally Projected

What to see in Hopper paintings you already know too well.

Banks in Pink and Blue

Gallery or laboratory?

Big Impressions

Nothing spells prestige quite like a Chihuly

It’s alive!

Consolidated Works proves that life comes in many forms.

Lining up

Northwest masters on display.

Putting out the fire

A heated board meeting and a major donation may have saved CoCA from the ashes.

Reality bites

Two shows turn art history on its ear.

Visual arts, 1999

Architectural promises: "Paris, Amsterdam, and New York are doomed cities," warns architect Rem Koolhaas. "No longer laboratories of uncertainty, they can only become more like… Continue reading