Sara Niegowski

Chardonnay tastes, syrah dreams.

Where Seahawks Rookies Get Broken In

And the layperson can try 94-point shiraz by the glass.


Mixtura: You Can’t Have-a the Mango!

Kirkland bar boasts mojitos, a decent happy hour, and a hot chef.


Tiger Mountain Grill: Drinking’s Always Been Better Than Heavy Lifting

Patio, cheese, and agreeable weather push Grill toward nirvana.


Grab the Bar Menu, Lose the Boat Shoes, at Kirkland’s Fish Cafe

Snub a good happy-hour deal, and you might as well just eat your cash with a knife and fork in my book. So when not… Continue reading

Early Drinkin’ at the Coho

Folks in Issaquah like to drink in the afternoon, apparently. At 5 on a recent Wednesday, many parched would-be patrons anxiously circled the Coho Café… Continue reading

Um, waiter, there's a bee on my cake.

In Threes and on a Stick

It's playtime at dessert queen Sue McCown's new solo showcase.

Um, waiter, there's a bee on my cake.
Fishburne teaches Palmer her history.

Akeelah and the Bee

Opens at Seven Gables and other theaters, Fri., April 28. Rated PG. 112 minutes.

Fishburne teaches Palmer her history.

Bambuza Vietnamese Bistro

When I order Vietnamese food—cheap, no-frills, and plentiful in the International District—it's generally garnished with only a Styrofoam container. So I was a bit moonstruck… Continue reading

Best Window-Dressed

Best Window-Dressed

Forget about young Hollywood; meet young Sammamish's brightest star.

Best Window-Dressed

Fliers and ‘You’re Fired’

Events of note for the week of March 15-21, 2006.

Gay Rights and the Universe

Send listings two weeks in advance to Noujaim The director of 2004's Control Room, a documentary about the Arabic-language news network Al-Jazeera, speaks on… Continue reading

Graceful Desperation

Send listings two weeks in advance to Woodard The award-winning actress, currently on Desperate Housewives, speaks about overcoming life's obstacles with grace and vigor… Continue reading

The Bothell High chefs-in-training at work.

Home Ec Grows Up

Local high-school students cook up fancy-schmancy meals in the name of education.

The Bothell High chefs-in-training at work.

Hubble and Global Trouble

Events of note for the week of April 12-18, 2006.

It's Soul Good

It’s Soul Good

A Central District native travels the country, brings the sultry and Southern home.

It's Soul Good

Marcus’ Martini Heaven

If you arrive early to happy hour (4 to 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday), dive into this dark Euro-cavern and snag a prime spot on… Continue reading

Namu the Toxic Whale

Send listings two weeks in advance to Theatrical rock band Awesome hosts this regular cabaret with a political twist, which, this time, includes City… Continue reading

Party Like It’s 1961

Send listings two weeks in advance to in Puget Sound Mammals Orca researcher Peter Ross and human-health-policy developer Robert Duff illustrate the shared danger… Continue reading

Pontevecchio Italian Bistro

One: The number of dark Italian men serving up martinis with a melodically accented "Prego!" last week during happy hour (3–6:30 p.m. and 9–11 p.m.… Continue reading

Radical, Meat-Eating Women

Send listings two weeks in advance to Kaku The well-known physicist and author explores parallel worlds—the far reaches of scientific speculation that another universe… Continue reading