Mark Worth


Trained as they are in the art of "crisis management," several members of the local public relations community penned stern letters to the Weekly in… Continue reading


Daystalled again

Pike Place Market managers try once more to eject craft and flower vendors. This time they just might succeed.


Domestic partners

Senior residents attack the Housing Authority again, this time for trying to take on private investors.


Donovan’s grief

G. Michael Donovan, the sharp-tongued president of Philadelphia-based Entercom's Seattle operation, has been toppled from his throne atop Seattle's largest radio empire. According to Media… Continue reading

Enough is enough

"Who is happy? He who is satisfied with what he has."—Jewish ProverbWith downtown Seattle and downtowns throughout the world offering ever more fixes for shopping… Continue reading

Fluoridation: capitalist plot

You have him to thank for empowering women to smoke cigarettes. And for helping Calvin Coolidge and Herbert Hoover win the presidency. And for helping… Continue reading

Going on a diet

Back at my college newspaper a dozen or so years ago, I had an editor who liked to say (and to hear himself say), "When… Continue reading

Gross generosity

The next time you pick up Eat the State! or The Washington Free Press—if you're crafty enough to find a copy in this town—thank a… Continue reading

Hacks turned flacks

"The critic of power tries to influence the world by affecting public opinion. The associate of power tries to make the exercise of power more… Continue reading

How it is

In the month since the Weekly published the cover story "Who Really Runs Seattle?" (11/12) a lot's happened to confirm its key assertions.Gov. Gary Locke… Continue reading

Impeach the press

I walked into work the other day to this challenge from my boss: "Name three good things that will come out of this." I knew… Continue reading

King Street, easy street

Developer John Finke cleans up again with another 'public-private partnership.'

Let Stanford live

We have enough martyrs. The five Wobblies murdered by police during the 1916 Shingleweaver strike in Everett. The four firefighters who died in the 1995… Continue reading

Mark Cook:

The last "political prisoner," paroled at last

Market forces

Will the latest space battle at the Pike Place Market lead to all-out war?

Marketing madness

Social scientists trying to figure out why so many children are committing so many crimes might want to start reading the latest literature on product… Continue reading

Media Culpa

Right-wing media critics like to trumpet statistics showing that most mainstream journalists lean to the political left. What they don't like to talk about is… Continue reading

Public market

Council swats PDA

Raising a ‘Ruckus’

I was spoiled in college. TheUniversity of Florida Alligator was among the most aggressive student-run newspapers in the country. Its history demanded it. In 1971,… Continue reading


It's the same old song at the Seattle Housing Authority, but to a new and more troubled beat.