Mark Fiore

The Rovers

Let the Race Begin!

The Saddam Seminar

Become a Successful Dictator!

The Stealth Policy Team

Ever Wonder What Happens When No One Is Paying Attention on Holidays and Weekends?

The Stimulians

A Cult of Cloning!

The Thriving Business of Long War Inc.

Putting the pro back into war profiteering!

The Torture Team

Acion That's Above the Law!

The War on Drugs

General Ashcroft Wants You!

The War Planner

Plan Different

The World Gives Thanks to NeoConMen

Three full years of cons, combat, and chaos!

Tonight, on ‘the simple life’

American Justice Will Never Be the Same!

Total Information Awareness

Bringing Paranoia to the People!

Voluntary Regulation

"Meat, It's What's For Dinner!"

Watch the Republicans Do the Bush Bash

With friends like these who needs Democrats?

Welcome to Greater Georgelandia!

Formerly known as the U.S.A.

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Hint: Rumsfeld speaks Fantasy Rumsfeldian.

When People Talk, General Hayden Listens

Warning: This cartoon may have undergone NSA monitoring.

White House Hybrids

The Future of Hybrid Technology...Today!