Mark Fiore

Damage Control, Inc.

Your Political Fallout Professionals!

Dissent Exposed

Because You Never Know Where You'll Find an Unpatriotic Nut!

Do You Have Migraphobia?

Relax, it's easily cured with common sense!

Eat WhaleThe Other Other White Meat

Researchers have found it's deliciously tasty.

Econo Eyes

Experience the thrill and excitement of America's economy firsthand.

Electoral Dysfunction

Don't Despair, Recall Fatigue Is Perfectly Normal!

Electronic Election 2004

Goodbye, dimpled chads. Hello, paperless ballots!

Ethics Liquidators’ Congressional Sale-A-Bration

So many models of corruption to choose from.


Eliminate Criminals That You Are Pretty Sure Are Guilty of Murder!

Exile TV

Real Reality Television

EZ-Kleen™ Extra-Strength Politicizer

Get the Job Done Your Way!

Foreign Policy Fashion

What's on the horizon for 2003!


Now That Saddam Has Been Caught, Rebuilding Iraq Is More Important Than Ever

Hey Kids

Wartime Action Figures Are Here

Homegrown Gun Violence

Remember, it's not just for Iraqis

Hooray for Sort-of-ocracy!

It's sort of great! Maybe.