James Bush

Fashionable accessories

Everyone talks about allowing more mother-in-law apartments in housing-crunched Seattle. Why can't anyone make it work?

Fast-track design

When was the last time you saw the phrases "City Hall" and "quick decision" in the same sentence?Last Thursday at 4:30pm, a full 18 hours… Continue reading

Feeling special in Central Area

Let's be frank—there is no phrase more ridiculous and overused in City Hall than "win/win solution."But the proposed expansion of the Branch Villa Health Care… Continue reading

Fighting for fish

If you think property owners have it made in this town, think again. The Seattle City Council has imposed a temporary moratorium to block a… Continue reading

Filing frenzy

Dam bursts, candidates flood Seattle City Council races.

Nick Licata asks the tough questions.

Fishing for dollars

How did something as harmless-sounding as a new aquarium get so controversial? What's an MOU? And why does the Seattle Aquarium Society use the acronym… Continue reading

Nick Licata asks the tough questions.

Following Greg

Greg Nickels' election as Seattle mayor will commence a spirited game of musical chairs in his old West Seattle stomping grounds.First, Nickels will resign his… Continue reading

For Goodness’ sake

A band attempts to use the Net to escape major label misery.

Four in, two out

Seattle City Council's hottest race.

Freeway fighter

One Seattle old-timer is sticking up for another one: Yes, Charlie Chong is fighting to protect the Alaskan Way Viaduct.The former City Council member says… Continue reading


Out of time.

Fun with numbers

Numberswise, this is one hell of a close mayoral race.In the 1997 primary, eventual winner Paul Schell led Charlie Chong by a paltry-sounding 7 percent.… Continue reading

Garage sale

Pacific Place's developers are expected to meet the conditions of their contract with the city, and so this fall the city will be required to… Continue reading

Generation landslide

Youthful challenger Wills hopes to block Chong's planned return to City Hall.

Georgia on his mind

Looks like we're finally rid of those pesky 2012 Summer Olympics. The Seattle/Tacoma/Everett/Woodinville bid committee has closed up shop and Bob "I Made Seattle" Walsh… Continue reading

Heidi and Judy don't like me anymore.

Get outta town, Ralphie boy

Irreconcilable differences seem to have scotched the former love affair between this town's would-be progressive politicians and the Green Party of Seattle.Just last year, a… Continue reading

Heidi and Judy don't like me anymore.
Is the time right to increase funding for public art?

Going for two

New Seattle City Council members fight to boost arts spending.

Is the time right to increase funding for public art?

Growing the concrete jungle

If the new, improved Convention Center turns out to be not to your liking, don't blame Peter Steinbrueck. The City Council's lone architect brought back… Continue reading

Growth face-off

Chong and Wills take different approaches to soothing Seattle's growing pains.

Guilty, guilty, guilty

Last week, the city of Seattle paid a $5,000 fine for organizing an illegal citizen lobbying effort.That's OK; we can afford it. But behind this… Continue reading