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Specialty Food Guide Listings

A list of some of our favorite purveyors of specialty foods and items.

2010’s Summer Jams: Breakups, Beats, and Brothers

Every summer's got a soundtrack. Here's what's getting us through Labor Day.

Fall Arts Calendar: November

1 Lang Lang Playing, with the Seattle Symphony, not one of the barnstormers he's based his rep on, but Beethoven's slender, Mozartean Concerto No. 2.… Continue reading

Fall Arts Calendar: October

1 "So a Magician, a Blonde, and a Donkey Walk into a Bar . . . " That's the theme being embraced by local poets Nicole Hardy, Marjorie Manwaring,… Continue reading

Fall Arts Calendar: September

17–Nov. 22 Chasing Nicolette A Christian count falls in love with a Muslim princess in this romantic comedy, causing an uproar between their parents. A… Continue reading

The Weekly Wire: This Week’s Recommended Events

WEDNESDAY 8/5Stage: Shakin' It for YahwehWhen most people think "Jewish comedienne," Sarah Silverman comes to mind. And that's unfortunate, because Sarah Silverman is not funny.… Continue reading


We can't read enough about celebrities. Or is it movies? Or both? Once it was enough to skim a film review to decide what to… Continue reading

DVDs of the Week

The Constant GardenerUniversal, $29.98The best of last year's explicitly political features, Gardener (on disc Jan. 10) picked up four Oscar nominations, including Adapted Screenplay and… Continue reading

Giant Eraser Threatens Seattle Waterfront!

Claes Oldenburg comes to the Olympic Sculpture Garden, Sleater-Kinney calls it quits, and West Seattle is on fire.

Local Authorpalooza!

Read enough about Alexie, Raban, Guterson, and Robbins? Beyond the usual suspects, the Northwest has a diverse array of authors working in all quarters and genres.

Performance Picks

Julius Caesar retold in the '50s, and Martha Graham revived at Cornish.