Paul Constant

Now That ‘Intruder’ Is Over, What’s Next for Seattle’s Comics Scene?

This weekend marks the release of the 20th and final issue of the seminal local comics newspaper.

How to Tell a Story Using This Weird Trick

Dorthe Nors’ new book of novellas makes lists and headlines feel raw and alive.

The Poet Next Door

Three New Books From Seattle Poets Have Absolutely Nothing in Common—or Do They?

Seattle Author Adam Rakunas Takes the Labor Fight to Space

In ‘Like a Boss,’ a charismatic labor organizer tries to quell an interplanetary strike.

Where’d You Go, Maria Semple

The Seattle author appears in a rare public outing—this time—interviewing new author Tracy Barone.

With ‘Graphic Masters,’ SAM Opens Its Doors to the Comics World

By placing R. Crumb and the local comics community next to Goya, Dürer, Rembrandt, and Picasso, the Seattle Art Museum is jumping headfirst into new territory.

Contagious Exchanges Is Queering Out Space For Writing Again

The new lit series begins with Tara Hardy and Anastacia Tolbert. Fuses Science Fiction and Journalism

“Mayor Russell Wilson spends dozens of hours in virtual reality trying to envision how his budget cuts might affect some of Seattle’s poorest residents.”

Lindy West, Seattleite by Birth and by Choice

The author of Shrill could live wherever she wants. Why choose here?

Third Place Books’ New Place: Seward Park

With its vaulted ceiling, copious natural light, and burnished-wood glow, Third Place Books new Seward Park branch is a serious contender for the title of Seattle’s Most Beautiful Bookstore.

The Co-Founder of Bitch Magazine Claims ‘We Were Feminist Once’

Zeisler has a new book out, and it’s predictably Bitch-y.

Hugo House Celebrates an End and a Beginning

It should be a breathtakingly sloppy evening; partiers will be encouraged to write messages on the walls of the House.

Ms. Marvel—a Real Life Superhero

Created by Seattle author G. Willow Wilson and artist Adrian Alphona in 2013, Ms. Marvel is the continuing story of Kamala Khan, a teenage daughter of Pakistani-American Muslim immigrants from Jersey City.

Seattle’s Independent Bookstore Day Is Totally Booked

There are a bounty of options for those looking to indulge their lit-lust on this special day.

David Schmader’s New Weed Book Is Thoroughly Schmader-y

Is dabbing the same as hot knives? And, uh, while we’re at it, what the hell is hot knives?

The Hugo House’s Cliché Célèbre Flips Tropes Into Treasure

“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled metaphors yearning to breathe free.”

Agnostic: A Spirited Manifesto Picks a Fight With Atheism and Religion Alike

Lesley Hazleton’s latest picks apart the binaries of faith, arguing that atheists and holy rollers should both just relax a little bit.

Lesley Hazleton’s Full-Throated Defense of Agnosticism

After years of writing about religion and the Middle East and abortion, what’s left for Hazleton to tackle? Well, she’s staking a spot directly in some of the most contentious territory imaginable, smack in the middle between religion and atheism.

Bharti Kirchner’s New Novel Saves the Voiceless From the Flames of History

Using her own myths, the author fills in the gaps in the history of her hometown of Kolkata.