Paul Constant

Seattle Poet Jeannine Hall Gailey’s Latest Book Ends the World Again and Again

Every way you’ve ever imagined the apocalypse, it’s probably in ‘Field Guide to the End of the World.’

Bizarro Travel Experts Atlas Obscura Open a Seattle Chapter, Complete With Weird Parties

Hang out with a Prohibition-era jazz band in typically off-limits parts of the Seattle underground.

Maria Semple’s Latest Is a Mean, Flawed Novel About a Mean, Flawed Woman

‘Today Will Be Different’ is the moodier, nastier little sister of ‘Where’d You Go Bernadette.’

Riding the Wave

Local poetry publisher Wave Books steps out with a new reading.

Amor Towles’ Grand Moscovian Hotel

The author’s new novel sees the Russian Revolution through the eyes of the aristocracy.

Seattle Author Nisi Shawl Reimagines a Colonial Tragedy as a Steampunk African Kingdom

‘Everfair’ is a novel profoundly interested in justice.

Why Colson Whitehead, Not Jonathan Franzen, Is a Great American Novelist

The biggest tell? How each reacted to Oprah.

Amid the Overwhelming Fall Book Buzz, ‘Sleeping on Jupiter’ Truly Stands Out

Indian author Anuradha Roy’s newest is fiction that serves as an agent of social change.

‘Zek’ Rips the Walls Away From a Prison in Eastern Washington

An underground classic in prisons, the book is being published for the public for the first time.

Bumbershoot’s Literary Offerings: TV Writers, Poetry Battles, ‘Ask the Oracle,’ and More

If you want Bumbershoot to remain a cross-disciplinary arts festival, vote with your attendance.

Dead Men Tell Plenty of Tales

The Nevertold Casket Co. brings lit to the crypt and opens its doors for readings.

Meet Jane Wong, Sherman Alexie’s Favorite Local Poet

She reads this Saturday at Elliott Bay Books.

Cody Walker, the Seattleite in Exile

A quintessential Seattle poet returns from Michigan for a quintessentially 2000s-era-Seattle lineup.

At the New Literary Festival Bibliophilia, Page Will Meet Stage

The Pocket Theater in Greenwood will fill with authors and actors playing off one another.

‘Brightfellow’ Continues a Long Tradition of Literary Orphans

Port Townsend author Rikki Ducornet’s new novel follows a forest-dwelling young man named Stub.

Harry Potter and the Inexorable March of Time

As the character gets older, so do the fans who flock to his midnight release parties.

Donald Ray Pollock Shows What Real America Looks Like

The Ohio found in his latest novel, ‘The Heavenly Table,’ is filled with violence, desperation, and humor.

Adam Heine’s Sci-Fi Debut Is Short on Pages, Long on Ideas

A samurai battles robots in a compelling new novella from a Seattle press.

Poet Natasha Marin Captures a Commonality in Her Decade-Long Project

With ‘Red Lineage,’ the Seattle artist has invited an unending parade of agendas, ideologies, and beliefs. The results are unique and unifying.