Seattle Weekly

Hey Marseilles Streamlines Its Sound and Looks on the Bright Side

A decade in, the Seattle orchestral indie outfit has gone pop. Lead singer Matt Bishop tells us why.

‘The Dope Show’ Gets Comedians to Joke, Toke, Then Joke Again

Occurring roughly once a month, The Dope Show features a rotating group of comics who perform one set sober and another as stoned as possible.

From the Bard to the Boardroom: How Wedgwood Drama School Sets Students Up for Success

Wedgwood Drama Studio is proof that with theater experience, you can become anything you want— even an entrepreneur.

Amidst Homeless Crisis, Compassion Seems to Be in Fashion

Has the homeless crisis inspired more civic action from Seattle’s housed? Our intrepid reporter finds out.

‘App-artheid’ and Gluttony at Google’s Delicious, Nauseating New Kirkland Cafeteria

I pull in around noon. There is ample parking beneath the new building, several charging stations for electric cars, and no security on the elevator up to the cafeteria.

Chief Seattle’s Grandson and the Dawn of the ‘Forgotten Indian’

Life was hard for Moses Seattle, and it ended sadly, but there has never been another person from our region remotely like him, for his short life connects the ancient mythology of the Puget Sound area to our modern era.

Electric Eye: Make-Outs Abound at Hundred Waters

It got steamy at the Tractor Tavern as Red Bull brought out the Seattle music scene royalty.

Seattle Finally Nails New Orleans-Style Fare at Fat’s

Seattleites, hungry for Southern food, are often quick to laud places that really aren’t as good as we want them to be. But this place is the real deal.

Terrence Malick’s ‘Knight of Cups’ Is a King-Sized Head-Scratcher

In the filmmaker’s latest, moments pass like sands through the hourglass, or tears in rain, or whatever other greeting-card profundity you want to offer.

The Top 12 Things to Do This Week

Esperanza Spalding, Susan Orlean, The Flavr Blue, David Crosby and more.