Sandra Kurtz

The Odd Couple

A pair of episodic pieces makes for an uncertain evening in Slice.

The Rite Stuff

PNB provides a visceral evening of Stravinsky.

Three times the congratulations.


Through a Dance, Darkly

Crispin Spaeth's latest piece is a faint, fuzzy Fade.

To be continued

A studio rolls with the times, and a dance survives the silver screen.

Tones and stones

Where the props inspire the performance.

Tough Guts

Wade Madsen's flighty surface belies a disciplined interior.

Tried and true

A mixed-repertory ballet program offers the traditional and the industrial.

Under the microscope

Looking at our lives through two different views.


PNB plays to the crowd with Tango.

Unpolished but Shiny

The sixth all-male festival mixes styles, skills . . . and genders.

War as Piece

A group of choreographers faces the difficulties of trying to shape a new work from the world's wreckage.

Watch your step

Movies afford different perspective on dance.

When worlds coalesce

Choreographers and composers partner up for the dance floor.

You Eat, They Dance

Lingo dancetheater's Nourish presents movement with a meal.