Gavin Borchert

Seattle Symphony Conductor Ludovic Morlot Announces He’ll Step Down in 2019

Seems like he just got here. In an announcement posted on the Seattle Symphony’s website this morning, music director Ludovic Morlot says he’ll step away… Continue reading

Seattle Opera’s Stark American Tragedy

A Czech opera is transported from Russia to Cascadia, making its villain even more chilling.

The 5th Avenue’s “Pajama Game” Is Steaming Hot

How did they get away with this in 1954?

Arvo Pärt: Timeless to Me

At 81, the Estonian composer Arvo Pärt walks his own quiet path, but has captivated the world into following him.

Seattle Opera Leaves Verdi Unsettled

Times are tough all over. Ever since the ex-courtesan Violetta, whose story Verdi tells in La traviata, moved in with her admirer Alfredo, she’s brought… Continue reading

‘The Little Match Girl Passion’ Is a Bleak Counterpart To Seasonal Favorites

ArtsWest’s live choir and dance adaptation of the fairy tale follows a child’s Christmas in hell.

The Sounders’ Are-You-F***ing-Kidding-Me Season: A Timeline

It was the best of seasons, it was the worst of seasons. But on Saturday, it could become the best ever.

Pushing Bach Against Trump

A Cornish faculty cellist’s next performance will double as protest.

From Seattle Opera, A Trans Person’s Path to Self-Reconciliation

No opera, to my knowledge, has told the story of a trans person as either a central or subsidiary character, but novelty alone wouldn’t be… Continue reading

At Seattle Opera’s Hansel and Gretel, Let the Buyer Beware

A classic fairy tale is rethought to make a political point—with one huge miscalculation.

Our Favorite Seattle Restaurants

From Altura to Vendemmia.

Seattle Theatre Works’ Harrowing Tale of a Brutalized Everyman

The 1837 play could be subtitled “It’s Not the Murderer Who Is Perverse, but the Society He Lives In.”

John Cage Inspires Epic Chaos With His Musicircus

An evening devoted to the composer erases boundaries—between performer and auditor, art and life.

Seattle Opera’s Spicy Comedy Is Second to Nun

Terry Gilliam inspired the visuals in this tale of medieval mayhem.

Gilbert and Sullivan’s Unusually Serious, Bittersweet Opera Charms

Outstanding performances abound in this rare staging of the 1888 work by the Seattle Gilbert and Sullivan Society.

The Northwest Mahler Festival Goes Long

Celebrating its 20th anniversary, the volunteer-driven celebration takes on the Third Symphony.

The Symphony Programs a Different Kind of American Festival

Ludovic Morlot takes a more difficult and rewarding route in programming SSO’s summer offering.

Seattle Opera’s Idiosyncratic Wagner

What happens when a stylized directorial conception doesn’t quite mesh with the voices singing it?

Reclaiming Milton Babbitt, America’s Most Polarizing Composer

It was clickbait before its time. In 1958 composer Milton Babbitt submitted a thinkpiece to High Fidelity magazine under the benign title “The Composer as Specialist,” and an editor changed it to the more belligerent “Who Cares if You Listen?”, starting a firestorm whose embers still glow.

Seattle Opera Wins With a Pair of Queens

In its thoroughly satisfying and powerful production of Mary Stuart, Donizetti’s 1835 tale of the battle between Elizabeth I and Mary, Queen of Scots, this production shows everyone how to do it.