You’ve Been Warned

Digital Video + Time-Based Works 2006

The latest impressive and sophisticated show of digital installations by UW’s School of Art and DXARTS students comprises eight pieces (from 30 entries) selected by juror Eric Fredericksen of Western Bridge, whose judgment can be trusted to be sharp and intelligently provocative. As you enter Jacob Lawrence Gallery, seeing multiple images projecting simultaneously on the calming white walls with their overlapping soundtracks is already a transporting experience. Spared the distraction of dialogue, the eight short films accentuate the visual and the visceral—like the close, silent intimacy of the young woman hugging the young man on the back of a motorcycle floating through DXARTS student Noel Paul’s dreamlike Wait For Me (pictured). Graduate ceramics student Susie Lee’s mesmerizing Conjugal features an undulating textured image projected onto a pillowlike screen she created from batting. The contours of her fabricated screen, which bulges from the wall, give this film a sensual, tactile quality. (Lee is deservedly racking up awards for her recent work at juried shows.) In Scan by Scott Carver (DXARTS), a digitally manipulated street scene morphs and slips past like a snake made of mercury. Meanwhile, in the back room, DXARTS student Kevin Olsen messes with your head, taking his dream (or nightmare) directly to the viewer. His Autonomic Cinema, created entirely with computer programming, is projected onto the viewer’s eyelids. It’s an intense visual experience—and the only entry in the show that comes with a warning. Jacob Lawrence Gallery, School of Art, UW campus, 206-685-1805, Noon-4 p.m. Tues.-Sat. Ends April 1. SUE PETERS