When Woody Loved Mia

Take us back to happier days, pre-Soon-Yi

Hannah and Her Sisters marks a sweet spot in Woody Allen’s long career. The sterling 1986 family ensemble comedy won Oscars for his script, for Michael Caine (as a guilt-ridden philandering husband), and for

Dianne Wiest (the artistic, unfulfilled middle sister who wants to sing, and does so memorably with “I’m Old Fashioned”). Barbara Hershey plays the crazy younger sister, and Mia Farrow the stable one, though all three women are revealed to be more complicated than the labels society might give them. Hannah is perhaps Allen’s richest, warmest, most generous movie as it surveys, through several changing seasons, these flighty sisters and their even more flawed men (the director foremost among them, playing a selfish hypochondriac). It’s the best adaptation of Chekhov, not actually written by Chekhov, ever put to film. (PG-13) Runs Fri. Feb. 29-Thurs. March 6.BRIAN MILLER.

Mon., March 3, 7 & 9 p.m., 2008