Wasp Nest

Mars goes direct and Virgo season rolls out a Pisces full Moon.

I couldn’t finish mowing my lawn last week because the lawn mower’s motor was disturbing a nearby nest of wasps who dove at me, mad and defensive. Think of the lawn mower as Mercury, which began moving forward on the 18th. The angry wasps are Mars—riled up and still retrograde, but about to turn direct on Monday. When Mars screeches to a stop to switch directions, it jolts us, so Monday and Tuesday will feel bumpy. Even before that, Mars will be aggravated on Friday and Saturday as it hovers over Black Moon Lilith, a furious spot that brings injustices to the surface and has people declaring, “Enough!” This week it’s time to confront whatever Mars retro wasp nest has been slowly growing in your yard all summer. Mars retrograde work usually involves issues of power, anger, self-respect, and desire. You may exchange air-clearing words or have to grit your teeth and spray some metaphorical pesticide. If something harms you—or even threatens to harm—it’s gotta go.

Fortunately, this week’s sky also includes a useful, practical Earth trine that supports reinvention and leveling up. This trine perfects on Saturday, and also adds positivity to Sunday’s compassionate full Moon in Pisces, a lunar event that encourages completion and release. You know that Leo project or passion that started warming your blood around the August 11 new Moon? It takes physical form this week. It’s time, as Captain Picard would advise, to “make it so.” In addition, last week’s lucky Jupiter/Neptune trine is still in effect, giving our dearly held goals yeses and green lights. Since the Sun enters Earth sign Virgo on the 22nd, we’re applying Virgo’s urge to organize and make our living space healthier. Additionally, an active household-related asteroid named Vesta inspires us to clear cobwebs—seen and unseen—from our homes. Yes, jumpy Mars can cause clashes this week. But if there’s anything this Mars retrograde has taught, it’s that we can’t control others’ actions. Full stop. So what are you doing to improve your money, health, and daily habits? The Virgo Sun and level-headed Earth trine want to know.


Once Mars settles into its new forward direction, compassion will start to return. Sunday’s Pisces full Moon is a preview of the increased empathy to come. As with any full Moon in a Water sign, emotions will be flowing, with tears likely. However, this Pisces full Moon forms a rare-but-helpful “kite” shape with the Sun, Uranus, and Saturn, making it fantastic for pursuing new jobs and roles. If you’re trying to kickstart healthy behaviors, this is the time. Don’t just eliminate, but rather replace, old behaviors with new ones. (The opposite of a gin-and-tonic addiction is a smoothie addiction.)

On one end of this full Moon’s tug-of-war rope is anxiety—the jittery urge to control. That’s the Virgo Sun. On the other end: faith—the trusting exhale of allowing the unknown to unfold. That’s Pisces. You may be juggling conflicting desires to work hard and let loose. Tidiness and chaos. Harsh criticism and acceptance. Part of you wants to dive into a situation or union. But another part—daunted by intimacy’s big waves—wants to stay cautious and apart. Virgo and Pisces share a strong common interest, though: helping others. When navigating this full Moon, keep returning to the question: “How can I best be of service?”


On Wednesday the 22nd, the Capricorn Moon squares Venus and sits with Pluto for intensity that can serve creative purposes. There’s motivation galore and romantic potential, but also cosmic itchiness as the Sun rolls into a serious, get-down-to-business Virgo zone. You may feel doubtful or disappointed. On Thursday the 23rd, the Aquarius Moon turns your attention to social studies. See what others are up to. You can form meaningful connections, but you’re also asking yourself deep questions, feeling sweeping emotions. Friday the 24th focuses on other people too. You can accomplish to-do list goals, but you’ll also face a healing hurdle that stings. Mars contacts Black Moon Lilith, ruffling feathers. On Saturday the 25th, a grand Earth trine featuring the Sun, Uranus, and Saturn reaches perfection. It’s turning-point time in relationships and identity. Venus makes positive contact with the North node (your future path). Sunday the 26th brings a full Moon in Water sign Pisces and a whoosh of developments, especially to personal connections. Eclipse season is officially over. However, because Venus squares Pluto, power issues, jealousy, and money stressors may pop up. On Monday the 27th, Mars goes direct with a loud grinding of gears. You can make personal progress and assert yourself. But don’t promise more than you can deliver or plan too much activity, as Mercury squares Jupiter in the evening. An Aries Moon on Tuesday the 28th makes it a good day for fresh starts and meaningful strides in your professional life.

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