Sue Bird is a good role model and fun as hell to watch. Photo courtesy of the WNBA

Sue Bird is a good role model and fun as hell to watch. Photo courtesy of the WNBA

Treats for Teens This Holiday Season

Seattle-specific ideas for the impossible-to-buy-for almost-adult on your list.

The Bitter Barista Give your favorite teen the gift of seeing their near future. The service industry is the route many will take while they figure out what to do for the rest of their lives, so why not let them in on the trade secrets? Learn about awful coffee orders, tipping issues, and the art of snark from behind the counter. For example, “You can either order an egg-nog latte, or you can be treated like an adult,” writes the Bitter Barista (aka Seattle’s Matt Spek Watson).

Easy Street Records Gift Certificate The best gifts are really experiences, right? So take your favorite teen to West Seattle, treat them to a breakfast in Easy Street’s cafe, then give them a gift certificate and point them to the store’s local music sections. Seattle is rich with rock, rap, jazz, and more rock history—from Nirvana and Sir Mix-A-Lot to DoNormaal and Tacocat. Educate the youth about the city in which they live. It’s beautiful.

Rachel’s Ginger Beer A famous elixir made right here in town, RGB is delicious. Dee. Lish. Us. And it goes with everything. Since our teens aren’t allowed to drink alcohol, they might as well have something they can enjoy while unparching their lips. RGB comes in an array of flavors, from Blood Orange to White Peach, and Rachel has shops on Capitol Hill (1610 12th Ave.) and in Pike Place Market.

The Films of Lynn Shelton and/or Meagan Griffiths From Humpday and Lucky Them to Eden and Your Sister’s Sister, these two badass Emerald City women create silly, heartfelt, moving, epic, funny films. It can be difficult to make mainstream movies in Seattle, but these two directors outwit the system and inspire young Seattle moviemakers. Collect their work at or rent them individually for your favorite teens at the glorious Scarecrow Video (5030 Roosevelt Way N.E.)

Storm Tickets It’s been a long time since the Seattle Supersonics laced it up, but the WNBA’s Seattle Storm has been rockin’ the hardwood long enough to get its drivers license. Treat your favorite teen to one of the city’s favorite teams and show them some good old-fashioned professional basketball. Keep an extra close eye on two-time WNBA champion Sue Bird—she’s amazing.

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