The Twilight Zone: LIVE!

Retro-kookiness abounds in three episodes narrated by Dick Tracy-faced director Tim Moore as iconic creeper-outer Rod Serling. In “Midnight Sun,” an artist and her neighbor wait out the end of the world as other residents flee and the sun nears. “The Chaser” features Trick Danneker and Heather Gautschi as a couple simultaneously in hell and heaven, and John Q. Smith as the diabolical professor of potions who made them that way. These first two episodes translate to the stage better than “Shadow Play,” about a death-row inmate who thinks it’s all a dream. The show has two intermissions and is interspersed with live ‘60s- and ‘70s-style commercials for extremely local products. For many years the Schmee has held the stage rights to the series, but since they switched to prime-time performances (instead of late-night), audiences and production values are up. Order ahead or arrive very early. MARGARET FRIEDMAN

Thursdays-Saturdays, 8 p.m. Starts: March 18. Continues through April 17, 2010