The Stereo Future

Thursday, January 31

Though many indie-pop bands go chasing after the ’80s synth sound like Aimee Mann chased the dragon, Seattle staple the Stereo Future is one of the few that actually manage to nab the sucker. After releasing their first EP, Young People, independently, the band was signed by Japan-based Delicious Label and subsequently released a second EP, Grit!. But while the follow-up demonstrates a marked increase in focus and confidence for the group, better things are yet to come. “Level Eight,” a brand-new track, improves on the synthy, maudlin ’80s pop style many of us cut our teeth on. But perhaps it’s time to stop looking back. With the kind of talent and potential the Stereo Future already exhibit, we have something even better waiting on the horizon of Northwest electro-pop. With Beehive, Breaker Breaker, and Bre Loughlin. SARA BRICKNER

Thu., Jan. 31, 9 p.m., 2008