The Icarus Kid

There are many times when it’s no fun to watch somebody else playing Nintendo for hours, like that time when your kid sister stole your NES out of your room and she broke your Contra cartridge and you had to blow on it, like, 50 times… But tonight is not like that night. Tonight, the Comet brings in four local chiptune DJs who use NES and Game Boy sound chips to create quirky, awkwardly sweaty dance music, from the aggressive, hyper breakbeats of Fighter X to leeni’s twisting 8-bit melodies and dreamy vocals. Headliner The Icarus Kid remixes throwback NES soundtracks and adds his own new beats with an intense LED light show. And who says nerds don’t know how to dance? With leeni, Fighter X, Sean Bad. MARY PAULINE DIAZ

Wed., July 14, 8 p.m., 2010