Thursday, February 7

The two members of Portland instrumental duo Talkdemonic refer to themselves as a folktronic-hop band, but the three genres to which the term alludes aren’t necessarily the only ones that influence the music. Multi-instrumentalist Kevin O’Connor does mix beats—hence the “tronic” suffix—but the hip-hop reference seems tenuous for a singerless band dominated by instruments that contain keyboards or strings (and particularly with Lisa Molinaro’s impassioned viola stylings). No matter; the surreal, complex compositions are fascinating to dissect, without niggling over labels. Like picture books with no words, Talkdemonic songs tell a story with their ebb and flow. Each song swells to climax, then opens up into a languid, off-kilter orchestra composed of banjo, accordion, synthesizer, Rhodes electric piano, and a host of other quirky instruments. And with a fourth album near completion, those who make it to this show will likely get some brand-new sounds to mull over. With the Animals at Night, Diego’s Umbrella. SARA BRICKNER

Thu., Feb. 7, 9 p.m., 2008