Stranger Things

Venus and the Sun enter the strange sign of Aquarius.

The new Moon in Capricorn on the 16th had a clean-slate quality that remains palpable for the first couple days of this week. So if you haven’t written down your goals and intentions for 2018, get on it! Cast those seeds while the lunar window is still open. Tuesday’s new Moon held added importance, because it started the gradual build-up toward a full Moon lunar eclipse that will occur on the 31st. That’s right, we’re already in eclipse season! On Wednesday Venus slides into Aquarius (until Feb. 10), lifting some internal pressure and putting emphasis on independence within relationships. Venus-in-Aquarius is also beneficial for purchasing new electronic items and updating websites. Mercury will be “out of bounds” from the 17th to the 20th, so you might witness (or participate in) emotionally charged communication during this time. But the discord should calm down by the weekend. On Friday evening, the Sun exits Capricorn and enters Aquarius. So long, Capricorn season! Whereas Capricorn is traditional and cautious, Aquarius is nontraditional and experimental. Both signs think about the future, but with different attitudes. Capricorn constantly prepares for potential problems, while Aquarius eagerly envisions potential progress. Aquarius has the ability to imagine worlds that don’t exist … yet. Star Trek is a very Aquarian series. If you want to give yourself chills, search YouTube for sound recordings of Uranus, the planet that rules Aquarius. The strange tones emanating from it would make an eerie soundtrack to a science fiction film.


Aquarius is a tricky sign to grasp: The constellation Aquarius (Latin for “water-bearer”) depicts a nude person toting a jug of water—yet Aquarius isn’t a Water sign; it’s an Air sign. Like other Air signs (Gemini and Libra), Aquarius likes to communicate ideas. Aquarians are especially interested in unconventional ideas and high-tech methods of relaying messages to the masses (think: social media, memes, and podcasts). Community-minded Aquarius cares about social issues and groups of people. Yet when it comes to one-on-one relationships, Aquarius can seem distant, guarded, and slow to allow people in. Although Aquarius is invested in humanity, the intricacies of intimacy can sometimes overwhelm this analytical, cool sign. Aquarians may be chatty, social creatures, but they also value independence. They need space to consume media by themselves and tinker around with their out-there inventions and strange creations.

Aquarius is a sign of green lipstick and neon-orange hair dye. Its ruler, Uranus, symbolizes that which is shocking, unexpected, and one-of-a-kind. I’ve always thought that The Baby-Sitters Club character Claudia Kishi, a creative young artist with a unique fashion sense, represents the sign of Aquarius. So does the flighty, eccentric-dressing “Rayanne Graff” from My So-Called Life. Both fictional characters are individualists who are unafraid of being perceived as weird. And in three words: Aquarius is weird. But life would be boring without this odd slice of the zodiac pie. Besides, strange ideas can cause overdue breakthroughs, even revolutions. A fresh burst of Aquarius energy in the air now helps us boldy move things forward.


On Wednesday the 17th Venus moves into Capricorn. The Moon in Aquarius today until Friday means any groups you belong to may require extra attention and upkeep. Wednesday has some tense moments, but also opportunities to wrap up a story and move on. There’s potential for teaming up with new people too. You’ll be able to recognize old patterns with fresh eyes as well. Your mood may turn somber on Thursday the 18th. Verbal scuffles with siblings may even occur. It’s a good day to spend time alone, focused on individual goals. On Friday the 19th Mercury and Neptune form a positive angle that supports creative arts (especially writing) and lingers for a couple days. Write down those great ideas! The Sun enters Aquarius today too. Saturday the 20th has dreamy, romantic energy. The Pisces Moon encourages you to empathize with others and seek out art. But you could also feel tension due to unpreparedness or time limits. Sometimes perfection is unrealistic, and “good enough” has to be good enough. Sunday the 21st will help your ongoing projects click into place, especially if you’re working with others. A Moon in Aries on Monday the 22nd creates great potential for new beginnings and launches. Brace for challenges and moodiness on Tuesday the 23rd.