Silas Black

This bill is stacked with creative voices from across the scene. Headliner Silas Black is half of the longtime local rap duo Silent Lambs Project (with Jace ECAj), and also a member of the rap/soul trio (with Jace and vocalist Felicia Loud) Black Stax. Black has a rich well of baritone verses to pull from, all heavy on quality, so his live show is a good bet regardless of specifics. Middle man Specs One is a local legend—the strong quiet type whose audio wisdom has touched many a beatsmith/emcee over the years. OCnotes is opening this one up, but stick that guy on any bill in any slot, and it’s a good idea. You could play this line up backward, sideways, or upside down, and it’d probably pop all the same. TODD HAMM

Fri., Nov. 23, 9 p.m., 2012