Shedding Season

Jupiter delivers luck, but Pluto poses partnership challenges.

Outside an old brick apartment building on Capitol Hill, a sandwich board advertises available units. On one side of the wooden board, someone has scratched a warning in all caps: “BED BUGS HERE.” Whoa. Welcome to Scorpio season. The subtlety and eloquence of Libra season have been torched, in favor of direct communication and honest revelations—even about topics deemed touchy or taboo. Scorpio is a passionate sign (read: sexual, moody) that, in olden-day astrology, was ruled by fiery Mars. But in modern astrology, Scorpio is now linked to Pluto the Transformer, the Ruler of the Underworld. Fittingly, macabre humor and death (the ultimate transformation) are associated with Scorpio, a sign that hosts Halloween and covers occult practices too.

Like all water signs, Scorpio feels emotions deeply. But Scorpio sort of acts like a fire sign: Quick to anger, eager to retaliate. Passion—like anger—is a neutral force that we can use to positive or dangerous ends. Scorpio wants revenge and will tell the whole neighborhood if it has to. Like Cancer, Scorpio never forgets a wrong done to them or their loved ones. Alternating between extreme loyalty and a Trust no one! motto, Scorpio must work to balance cynicism with faith. We’ll all do similar balancing this week.


With Mercury in Scorpio since last Tuesday, we’re currently relying on wordless, nearly psychic wisdom now. Scorpio’s ripe intuition knows a person’s true intentions and motivations. We do these split-second gut checks all the time; they can spare us from harm and weed out slimeballs. Scorpios are emotional detectives who unveil mysteries yet keep their own secrets close to the vest, allowing only select souls to truly get close. Scorpio craves privacy, retreat time, and a cave-like sanctuary. Keep that in mind if you find yourself wanting to hide away. It’s fine to recharge indoors away from crowds, especially as night arrives earlier than before.


The luckiest day of the year is happening this week! When Jupiter conjuncts (touches) the Sun on Thursday, the two will create a doorway of opportunity. Jupiter wants you to expand your reach and receive benefits, recognition, and assistance. So send out your resume, pitch that great idea, or schedule an important meeting on Thursday. The day is glowing with potential for personal progress. Even though you can make huge strides, it won’t be an easy metamorphosis. Friday hurls challenges that test your faith and expose weak spots in partnerships or finances. It’s time for a real relationship refresh! The weekend is set to be sticky too, slathered with secrets and confessions. You really can achieve your goals and try new approaches, but in true Scorpio fashion, you have to bury something first. The week could feel like a garbage purge. Scorpio wants to expose rot in order to cleanse and rebuild. So release, then proceed. For visual inspiration, search YouTube for “snake shedding skin” videos. And think about what you’re ready to shed.


Wednesday the 25th is a good day for addressing practical matters and career needs. Watch out for disagreements or emotional frustration in the evening. Jupiter “touching” the Sun on Thursday the 26th makes today the luckiest day of the year. This is especially true if you have a Scorpio Sun, Moon, or ascendent (rising) sign. By evening you’ll be pushed to make a big change that may require trust. Brace for challenges on Friday the 27th. Power plays and control issues could irritate you, especially in a partnership context. Try to embody today’s Aquarius Moon and evaluate what’s happening with a detached, objective view. Even if someone’s pushing your buttons like a synth player, thankfully there’s opportunity to talk through issues constructively so you can move past old wounds and avoid the same mistakes. You can get a ton done on Saturday the 28th, but don’t expect smooth interpersonal dynamics. People are still processing Friday’s conflicts. Plus you might hear upsetting news today or on Sunday the 29th. Difficult verbal exchanges are possible Sunday too. The way forward needs revision. Also, Black Moon Lilith is “activated” again, and people are not interested in staying quiet. We’ll feel extra introspective on Monday the 30th. Pay attention to your dreams and hunches. You could even be contemplating questions about spirituality and life purpose. Tuesday the 31st is Halloween! Although the Moon is void from 2 p.m. until about midnight (so hold off on signing contracts or fully committing) there is room to have productive conversations.