Share the Music

Anyone who’s babysat for more than 15 minutes will appreciate the hypnotizing effects of children’s TV, especially those chipper, catchy tunes from Sesame Street and Blues Clues. Today’s Kindiependent “Share the Music” concert will be a healthier, TV-free event, however, with local child-rock bands Recess Monkey, The Board of Education, and The Harmonica Pocket. As for the two headliners, you could say that in the world of kindie rock, Casper Babypants is to Neil Young as The Not-Its! are to the White Stripes. Not convinced? In their debut album, We Are the Not-Its!, the family friendly quintet describe their playful tunes as “fantastic danceable pop gems about getting fancy, birthday parties, bath time, and intergalactic play dates.” In other words, not all that different from the most pop songs today. Best of all, the show should end just before nap time. CELINA KAREIVA

Sun., Nov. 7, noon, 2010