Shapes of Water

Jupiter goes retrograde and Mercury gets weird.

You know it’s Pisces season when the sight of a pink-and-orange-sherbet sunset over Elliott Bay stops you mid-text-message and instantly floods your eyes with tears. The glittery water sparkling like treasure! The pastel colors! The goosebumpy sense that you’re part of all that beauty, simply by observing it. Well, waves of emotions keep rolling in this week. Not only is the Sun still in sensitive Pisces, but also: Planet Jupiter—in fellow Water-sign Scorpio—goes retrograde on Thursday, stirring Scorpionic subjects like sex, power, and shared resources until the 13th. In addition, minor planet Chiron (also in Pisces) will keep dragging us to therapy and replaying potent memories so we can make breakthroughs and integrate its stinging lessons. We’ll notice Chiron’s presence most from the 12th to the 13th. While the Pisces Sun reminds us that we’re all connected to the grand web of life (happy tears), Chiron points out our private aches and ways in which we feel disconnected or rejected (sad tears). So keep tissues close at hand. You never know which wave will hit.

Despite a deluge of feelings and some retrograde events this week, helpful planetary angles are happening too. From the 7th to the 10th, we’ll see a series of supportive formations called quintiles and bi-quintiles. These minor aspects often relate to our talents and life purpose. You’ll make forward movement along the destiny highway. Things are also heating up because last week Mercury and Venus shifted into Fire-sign Aries, adding sharp edges to the soft-focus Pisces picture. With these two personal planets in Aries, we’re more willing to take risks and pursue our passions. We’re also more likely to speak our opinions directly and decisively, rather than evade a question or sand down our desires to please everyone.


Since October 2017, Jupiter has been spinning in the transformative waters of Scorpio. There, the planet is a psychological detective who does not flinch. It tells the truth, exposes secrets, and takes on taboo topics. Because Jupiter’s shift into Scorpio last year corresponded with the viral #MeToo movement and the public discussion of sexual harassment and abuse in the entertainment industry, we can expect to see related stories this week. On the 8th, Jupiter is going retrograde—switching to reflection mode, rather than expansion—until July 10. We’ll settle into Jupiter’s new inward-looking style by considering Jupiter themes in our own life, for about five days following the 8th. We may also return to issues that were on our plates around mid-December 2017. With Jupiter in gritty Scorpio, this reflection may feel raw and emotional.


Not only does Jupiter go retrograde on the 8th, but Mercury also enters its retrograde shadow zone that day. If you need to book plane tickets or purchaseelectronics, do it before the 8th. Mercury is slowing down and preparing to pull pranks that will make us slow down (and hopefully adjust) too. Get a wrist strap for your keys and back up data. When I first got into astrology, I paid little attention to Mercury’s “shadow” periods … until life taught me the hard way that the shadow zone really matters. Though Mercury’s full-blown retrograde doesn’t begin until the 22nd, pay attention to important conversations and plan-making near the 8th. Chances are you’ll revisit—and revise—these details when Mercury clears its post-retrograde shadow on May 3. With Mercury in shadow, you’ll notice more people and objects from your past popping up too.


Wednesday the 7th begins slowly, due to a void Moon. It should be easier to concentrate after 2 p.m. once the Moon enters adventurous Sagittarius. Meaningful conversations will flow into the night. You can speak from the heart. Mercury enters its pre-retrograde shadow on Thursday the 8th and Jupiter “stations” (slows down) to go retrograde. You might have conflict about different strategies or the best way to do something. The early evening is good for creativity. A quarter Moon on Friday the 9th touches Mars and speaks positively with Uranus, giving you extra energy and motivation to make progress, especially with situations involving three or more people. Saturday the 10th kicks off a weekend of TCB—takin’ care of business! The Moon in Capricorn combined with the Sun’s quintiles and bi-quintiles mean you can be inspired and still be practical. You might also adjust details of your living space. Set your clocks ahead one hour Saturday night, because daylight savings time begins in the wee hours of Sunday the 11th! On Sunday, Mars and Uranus are giving you another boost of energy. It’s a fast-paced day with forward momentum. Chiron’s two-day healing work starts Monday the 12th, a day with another long void Moon that makes the morning and early afternoon better for relaxing than focusing. Stitch up old rifts and examine conflicts today. You’ll start to feel a tense square between Venus and Saturn that lasts until Tuesday the 13th. This Venus-Saturn square might bring disappointment or frustration with money or relationship issues. Don’t overspend or force a resolution; adjust your expectations. Tuesday also allows you to think and communicate clearly.