Science Fiction Film Festival

Paul Allen’s ongoing film festival features titles like 2001: A Space Odyssey, the original 1953 The War of the Worlds, Tron (the 1982 version), Forbidden Planet, Barbarella Dune, and Soylent Green. On Fri., April 27, we like The Terminator. Who knew the that the future Republican governor of California once worked in the movies? We had no idea. James Cameron made a star of Arnold Schwarzenegger in this tremendously enjoyable and propulsive 1984 action smash, which has spawned two sequels to date and influenced countless movies and video games. (In fact, The Terminator may have been responsible for combining those two industries.) In a masterstroke of casting, the Austrian bodybuilder plays a robot sent back in time to kill mankind’s future savior. His overmuscled stiffness and puny command of the English language become the movie’s strengths, of course, as Michael Biehn and Linda Hamilton (the chosen mother) battle a hulk that seems unstoppable—except for a telling inability to improvise. See Cinerama website for full schedule and details. (R) BRIAN MILLER

April 19-May 2; Fri., April 27, 7 p.m., 2012