Friday, November 16

Jennifer Herrema is all heart and soul, man. Since the implosion of her old band Royal Trux, Herrema’s dropped her interest in vowels and become the spokesmodel for closet heshers everywhere. Her post-Trux band, RTX (see, all consonants), is pure Camaro & trailer park ‘80s sleaze rock. She’s not embarrassed about her love of Motley Crue, nor is her guitarist Jaimo Welch. And it’s far from hipster irony. Just take one look at Herrema’s road-weary nicotine-and-peroxide glow. She means every word, every riff. The Ruby Doe, Plaster and Police Teeth open.

Listen to a sample of RTX’s “Money Will Roll.”

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Listen to The Ruby Doe’s “I was Lookin’ for a Job When I Found This Job (So I won’t take no Crap).”

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Fri., Nov. 16, 9 p.m., 2007

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