REVERBfest 2008

Saturday, October 4

Five 21+ venues. Four all-ages venues. 64 bands. Immeasurable awesomeness. Are there other shows happening tonight? Yes. But those don’t matter, because we promise that there is no better place to be on Saturday than Ballard. A large contingency of our very favorite local musicians will descend upon the neighborhood, taking over Ballard’s best music hotspots (the Sunset Tavern and the Tractor Tavern, among others)in a glorious summit of local sound. We’ve got metal. We’ve got hip hop. We’ve got folk. We’ve got electro. We’ve got country. We’ve got pop. Not convinced? Need some examples? Okay, here goes: The Moondoggies. Canary Sing. Boat. Madraso. Curious Mystery. Brothers of the Sonic Cloth. Grayskul. Panda & Angel. Hazelwood Motel. Team Gina. Kublakai. Truckasaurus. The Valkyries. Etc. Some of these bands don’t even offer albums for sale in stores yet; the only way to check ’em out is live and in person. And need I remind you that the Fleet Foxes played REVERBfest last year? And that their next headlining show in Seattle, just over a year after REVERBfest 2007, is at the Moore? Don’t sleep on this, Seattle. The 206 is flush with talented musicians about to blow up like the Hindenburg, and we’ve got a lot of them all in one place. Why do we do it? Because we love you – thiiiiiis much.

Sat., Oct. 4, 3 p.m., 2008