Reggie Watts

Whatever the fate of local band Maktub, the future of Reggie Watts is assured. Now based in New York, he’s broken out nationally as a near-uncategorizable musician and performer. (Credit Conan O’Brien for having Watts open his post-Tonight Show concert tour in 2010; the accolades soon followed, as did a brilliant TV ad for DieHard batteries.) It makes sense that so much of Watts’ act should involve languages, foreign accents, and sentences fragmented into melody lines, since he grew up a bilingual Army brat traveling all over Europe. Then Montana to Seattle to Brooklyn: His journey has allowed him to sample and select random bits of culture that get reprocessed—sometimes on his laptop into loops played on stage—into dazzling improvised performances. He’s been touring almost continuously for the past two years, gathering up still more sounds and phrases that he’ll scramble tonight in his former hometown. T. BONILLA

Mon., June 4, 8 p.m., 2012