He doesn’t have a last name, but if you own a computer, you’ve probably heard his voice. Randall is the guy who loads snippets of old nature documentaries onto YouTube, with his narration added—a droll, knowledgeable, sometimes squeamish, and slightly fey voice that would never be welcome on the Nature Channel. You may already know the meme, own the T-shirt, and play the iPhone app. Now you can read the book, Honey Badger Don’t Care: Randall’s Guide to Crazy, Nastyass Animals (Andrews McMeel, $14.99). Besides the titular African badger (which has “no known predators”), the book includes chapters on sloths, possums (“a cat-rat….they fucking hiss!”), and the famed Tasmanian Devil—a creature Randall dubs “Satan’s best friend.” Admittedly, the videos first seemed like a joke, but the guy knows his zoology. According to his publisher, “Randall started narrating at an early age. Randall’s father was a cameraman for Marlon Perkins’ Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom.” And the he studied at something called the Exotic Animal Training and Management Program at Moorpark College, which certainly qualifies him to talk shit about the animal kingdom. With luck, beyond more videos, maybe he’ll create a ringtone, too. (“Eeew, what’s that in its mouth…?”) BRIAN MILLER

Fri., Jan. 27, 7 p.m., 2012