Political (non)Science Film Series

It’s not just Intiman that’s jumping on the campaign theme. This Political (non)Science series of eight old political flicks includes the 1949 adaptation of All the King’s Men (7:30 p.m. Mon.). Leading off tonight is the 1974 The Parallax View, which famously begins with a political assassination atop our very own Space Needle! Warren Beatty stars in the thriller, directed by Alan J. Pakula. And get this: Beatty’s hero is a reporter! Suck it, you wrinkly old media-bashing John McCain! The fourth estate rules! Not only that, but reporters are handsome, even sexy, just like Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman in Pakula’s All the President’s Men (which plays Tues. in a double-feature with The Candidate). Beatty even gets the girl, Paula Prentiss, or did—but let’s not divulge too much of the plot, which involves dwindling witnesses to the original hit, conspiracies within conspiracies, and mind-control movies to brainwash those who dare question the corporate rule of America. SIFF Cinema, 321 Mercer St. (McCaw Hall), 448-2186, www.siff.net. $8-$10 (individual), $28-$38 (series). 7:30 p.m. BRIAN MILLER

Oct. 3-9, 2008