New Month, New Moon

Brave beginnings and painful evolutions for the week of November 30.

This week opens with a strong influence from the Sagittarius new moon of Tuesday the 29th. Thanks to the fire sign, the air will heat up with forward momentum and bubbling inspiration that lasts until Saturday the 3rd of December, creating a window of potential for brave beginnings and initiations. So start that thing; plant those seeds! Because this fresh moon is in Sagittarius, it’s a great time for long-distance travel tasks like renewing a passport or researching train tickets and lodging options. Before the weekend hits, set aside some reflective, quiet minutes to envision places you want to explore in the coming months. Set specific intentions about how you’d like to expand beyond your “usual” routine, comforts, and beliefs. Write down your desires. Close your eyes and see it unfold. Light a candle.

We usher in December this week with plenty of future-gazing and important choices. Here come some forks in the road! Because Uranus is a key character in the story of early December, we may be startled into action or need to adjust to surprising revelations. Yet planet Mars is also gifting us the will to express our individual vision, as well as the sustained energy to get stuff done. In addition to focusing on personal goals, right now we’re also evaluating who’s going to march into the distance with us, and who’s not really a part of our support system anymore. Choose your teammates carefully.


Mixed in with the Sagittarius new-moon energy swirling throughout the week is a major occurrence on Wednesday the 30th: Chiron, a minor planet with big effects, ends its months-long “retrograde” motion and finally starts to move forward again. Chiron rules health and healing. But to create deep improvements, the little planet often causes a physical or mental health crisis that we must quickly address. So in the days before and after the 30th, we may experience a health breakdown before the breakthrough.

With Chiron, a current situation can trigger old hurts, forcing us to revisit a sensitive topic and revise how we nurture ourselves when we feel small. We must compost any limiting thoughts about what we deserve and let ourselves grow into a new, more hopeful story about what’s possible for us and our interpersonal bonds. Whatever wounds you’ve been ignoring with Band-Aid solutions will require serious care as Chiron changes direction. Sometimes, recurring Chiron issues run deeper than we assume. Fear of abandonment in your current relationship may stem from early childhood issues. Self-sabotaging behavior in your career realm might be rooted in some high-school humiliation. Getting honest about the unique hurts we carry actually opens us to increased compassion for other people and readies us for truer connection with our fellow flawed humans. So stay humble and answer the strident cries inside you with patient tenderness.


On Wednesday the 30th expect some serious talks and get-real moments. Due to Neptune’s fogginess, the best step may not be entirely clear yet, but you’ll still be asked to pick one thing or the other. Do your best. By Thursday the 1st you’ll be better prepared to choose. Excellent planetary angles on the 1st encourage creativity, collaboration, and expression of your individual vision. Mercury slips into what’s known as the “retrograde pre-shadow zone” on the 1st. You’ll return to conversations and issues that take place now later in January, in order to clarify and revise them. If you buy any expensive items after the 1st (especially electronics), keep your receipts!

On Friday the 2nd, Mercury moves into Capricorn, giving our words a more stern, matter-of-fact communication style that sometimes lacks sensitivity. Try not to steamroll over conversations with “This is how it is! This is the reality of the situation, so get used to it!” goat-like gruffness. Consider other people’s emotions. With Mercury in literal-minded Capricorn, it can be hard to tell when someone’s joking. Mercury will stay in the sign of Capricorn until January, so adjust to that dry sense of humor going around. (It weirds me out when some astrologers never reveal their own birthday, so I’ll confess: I’m a Sagittarius. December 2 is my birthday.) On Saturday the 3rd, push toward a goal and turn your attention toward team-building. Sunday the 4th is packed with positive planet aspects ideal for planning future projects and working with artistic energy. Don’t expect to get a ton done on Monday the 5th, as the moon is rather unproductive. You may feel extra-passionate or fired up that day, so keep an eye on your reactions. Tuesday the 6th is wonderful for heartfelt communication and dreamy creativity. Get snuggly!