Musicquarium Election 2012

Your ballot was mailed last week, and your Election Day alternatives are basically these: 1) hide in your bedroom closet with a bottle of booze, ignoring your smartphone and TV until tomorrow morning; or 2) face the results tonight, no matter how dreadful they may be, with good company. We recommend the latter at the Triple Door’s Musicquarium Election 2012 party, where CNN will be playing all night long. Specialty cocktails will be served as New Hampshire (yes, it could matter this year), Virginia, and Florida are called early. Then comes critical Ohio, when you’re entitled to an extra shot if Candy Crowley puts it in the blue column. You should be fairly buzzed by the point when Wolf Blitzer renders a verdict on Wisconsin and Iowa. Remember to order some bar food before Colorado and Nevada come in, by which time you should be on your third or fourth round of drinks. Our own state results aren’t so critical: Inslee and Ref. 74 will probably follow on Obama’s blue coattails; Cantwell and McDermott will do just fine. But the top of the ticket may be decided very late, even past closing time. It’s possible that Obama (or Romney) could win the Electoral College but lose the popular vote. Or everything could end up with the Supreme Court, again, as you’re nursing your hangover on Wednesday. (21 and over.) BRIAN MILLER

Tue., Nov. 6, 4 p.m.-2 a.m., 2012