Tuesday, February 26

While the coded chic of their name and the costumes they sometimes

sport make me want to kick a baby donkey, Toronto’s electronica duo

MSTRKRFT speak the language of the body, and for that their sins are

forgiven. That MSTRKRFT (Master Kraft—get it?) could probably kick the

teeth out of France’s lords-of-the-dance Daft Punk (those sissies) in

a dance-floor smackdown gives me yet another reason to leave those

kids alone. Their ’06 debut, The Looks, was a nasty bit of

booty-shaking hustle-bustle, serving up chunks of synth and punk

seasoned with disco and industrial that burrowed deep into clubbers’

decaying souls. Here’s hoping their next album—supposedly due out this

year—is even grimier. With LA Riots and Lazaro Casanova. KEVIN CAPP

Listen to a sample of MSTRKRFT’s “Kylie WOW Remix.”

var so = new SWFObject(“”, “theSWF”, “91”, “32”, “8”, “#FFFFFF” ); so.write( “player” );

Tue., Feb. 26, 8 p.m., 2008