Methfest feat. Du Hexen Hase, Scard, more

Thursday, August 14

Most Methfests last two and a half weeks and leave all involved with severe dental damage, skulking around the streets panhandling. This Methfest, however, is not a drug binge, but a collection of bands that provide the perfect soundtrack to inhaling noxious chemicals into your lungs. Unlike Methfest’s herbal brother, there are no wafts of patchouli or dancing, tie-died flower children. Consider Methfest to be Hempfest’s worst nightmare. One of the bands playing Methfest, Du Hexen Hase, sound much like a Sonic Youth feedback filled romp, but lack the peaks and valleys of Sonic Youth’s unique song structure. It inevitably resembles a noisy dirge of jet engines. In fact, every band on the roster (Scard, Penetration Camp, Du Hexen Hase, Microscopic Suffering) sounds like they emerged from the bowels of Hell. Whereas Hempfest will have long-winded jams that last fourteen minutes, Methfest will have long-winded bouts of grunting, chains, and static-laced feedback. Be forewarned: If you plan on partaking in a thai-stick and following the hoards to Hempfest, make sure you are following the right people. You may end up surrounded by the sunken-faced walking dead and not having the crunchiest of times. But if Methfest is your drug of choice, you will not mind the long dark soundscapes and demon-like barking.

Thu., Aug. 14, 10:30 p.m., 2008